Monday, January 19

A Little Bit of Lately

We have had the most gorgeous weather here the last few days and have been taking full advantage of it! Lots of park trips and playing in the backyard! It has me so ready for spring!

I don't know about you but unless it's Christmas time or full force snowing I hate the cold! I am so sad that we still have many more cold days ahead of us. Being able to play outside is a huge blessing when you have a 2 1/2 plum full of energy! He has had a bit of cabin fever, we all have really, having to be inside all day. I run out of things to entertain him with, he will only play by himself for so long, and I really hate giving him the iPad unless I REALLY need to get something done.Therefore after a while it leads to an enormous terrible two meltdown (usually when I'm trying to get something done around the house) me loosing my patience and then having a meltdown myself. Not fun. So getting to go outside and letting Foster run off some of that energy, plus the wonderful effects fresh air has on all of us, makes the day 10x better! Other than that, Foster is turning into a kid right before my eyes and it actually breaks my heart! He is so big and so independent here lately. He is so sweet and loving towards Harrison which makes me incredibly happy. He is always saying things like "baby brudder I wuv you!" And "hey happy baby!" In super high pitched voices, definetly from hearing me. HA! I also love I'm getting him ready for bed and night and I tell him I love him he says "I wuv you so much mom". Such an angel. 

Harrison is growing by leaps and bounds and it is so bittersweet! I love the little personality he is developing but really wish I could make time slow down a little! The newborn stage seriously lasts like two days. He loves to be talked to and when I tickle under his arm. He loves watching his big brother run and play and he LOVES to eat. Seriously, this kid is such a chunk and I cannot get enough! 

Now come on springtime!

Friday, January 9

My Fitness Journey

I should start this post off by stating that everyone has a different body types and certain areas they are better at or not as well at as others. That being said, all of the things that work for me may not work for everyone else, just as some things that work for other people may not work well for me. 

I began getting into fitness and being healthy when I was getting ready for my wedding, that's when I started to actually workout and not just a 2 mile jog once a month. I completely cut out sodas/tea and strictly drank water, began a clean diet and worked out 5 days a week doing things like Turbo Kick, jogging, and many other forms of cardio. I continued to do this form of routine until I became pregnant with Foster, then I switched to walking 3 miles a day 7 days a week, also eating fairly clean. After giving birth to Foster I lost all of the weight by 2 months and at 6 weeks went back into my routine of clean eating and lots and lots of cardio. I became very very slim, but since I never added in any form of weight training people actually told me I looked "too slim". I think that was due to me not really having any muscle. Even though I was doing everything healthy (not starving myself/exc). I was happy with where I was at weight wise, but really wanted to build some muscle. When I became pregnant with Harrison I was serious about continuing to eat as well as I could (obviously with a good indulgence/craving here and there) and continuing to work out. I was terrified I would not be able to get my body back to normal otherwise, as everyone says loosing the 2nd baby weight is much harder. I was actually smaller and in much better shape than I had ever been AFTER having Foster. I had a routine of doing cardio 2-3 days a week and then yoga and some light weight training 2 days a week. I had permission from my Dr to do all of this. Once I had Harrison and reached 6 weeks my Dr gave me permission to start working out again. I will say it is definetly a lot harder to find the time/energy to work out with two! I purchased a few DVDs that I could do at home during naps, or I've even found I am able to do if I turn Foster a movie on. 
My favorites are Jillian Michaels Kickboxing Fast Fix. This one is one if my favorites because it's a really good cardio burn and you feel like you really did something good. Best part? It's only 20 minute sections! You can do all 3 for a full hour workout if you have the time, which I don't so I do a section every other day! Perfect amount of time for a busy mom! Another one of my favorites is the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown. This one is an awesome body weight exercise with some cardio, you really work up a sweat! It also increases flexibility which I love! Only 30 minutes! I also get lots of my body weight training excersises from @alexajeanfitness on Instagram! She has awesome excersises that you can do at home and even some you can do with your little one! I love incorporating them into my excersises! I try to do 20 minutes of cardio a day and then body weight and weight training mixed in. For example I will do 20 minutes of cardio in the morning, then in the evening 30 minutes or so of body weight training or use my dumbbells/medicine ball to do legs/arms, alternating what I do each day. 

This is a comparison of me from the day before I had Foster to around 6 months pp. 

This was me about 7 months pp with Foster. 

Here is my most recent comparison of me 9 months pregnant with Harrison and now at 3 months pp. 

I still am no where near where I want to be and I am fully aware that this is a lifestyle and not just a "get ready for bikini season" kind of change. My goals this year are to add in more weight training and to build some muscle while still continuing to do a little bit of cardio in between! It's a hard journey but one that is well worth it! I apologize for this post being so long but hopefully this will give those of you that have been asking a little insight! Eventually I will try to do a post on the diet portion, but honestly that is where I am struggling the most so it is still a work in progress! 

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, January 8


Motherhood to me is,

Rocking your little one to sleep because one day you won't look back on your life regretting not making them get themselves to sleep. You'll only wish you held them more, even if you already hold them 24hours a day. 

Playing ninja turtles with your 2 year old when you have laundry piles the size of Mount Everest to get done, because he is more important. 

Trying to teach your children about the love of Jesus Christ because it is so important and huge to me that I raise them to be loving and wise God fearing men. 

Filling sippy cups up 59697374 times a day, because that's just part of every day. 

Wanting to hide in the bathroom for just 10 minutes without someone tugging on you or asking for something. 

Looking at your children in such awe and thinking "what did I ever do to deserve you?" 

Wanting so badly to be the best version of yourself you can be, so that one day your children will look up to you and be proud of the person you are. 

Shedding tears when the day is over, the kids are asleep, and all is quiet because you realize with each passing day they are growing older and more independent. 

Constantly searching for the magic potion to keep them little forever. 

Praying over them each and every day, and thanking God for intrusting you with these precious souls. 

Then asking God to guide you in raising them right. 

That is what motherhood means to me, and I am so entirely thankful to be able to be a part of something so beautiful. 

Photo credit to the amazing Dara Yvette Photography. 

Monday, January 5

Thoughts and Feelings

You won't find much in this post, just some thoughts and ramblings I'm currently having, and a few cute pictures too! ;)

There are days, lots of them, where I feel way in over my head. I feel super inadequate as a mother, wife, and as a child of God. I feel like no matter how hard I try, things don't always go the way I would like them too. I will do something parenting wise and question myself or feel guilty and wonder if I'm doing it right. Foster has been in full force terrible two's mode and somedays it feels like all I do is get onto him, then when the day is done he is finally asleep all I want to do is oh scoop him up and hold him tight. I've also been on a journey of strengthening my relationship with The Lord, a journey that is truly never ending, and at times I feel so insignificant in bettering his kingdom and living out his word and being the God fearing woman I so desperately want to be in every aspect and area of my life. Then he speaks to me. I look at my beautiful, wonderful and healthy children, and I am reminded of how great he is and how blessed I am just by that alone. I look around at my sweet little home, and he reminds me of those who would kill for a beautiful home in a safe neighborhood with a warm bed at night. I watch my husband who works so hard all day long, come home and immediately take over playing with our toddler and help me with Harrison. I look at my him and am completely star struck, I love him more than the day I married him. He loves me and our children, and he loves without seizing. I have family members that I can call and they would drop anything they are doing to come help me. I pray each and every day to mother the way God wants me to, to be the wife God intended for me to be, and to be the example of his love to each person I meet. I think he is reminding me that me even trying each day and desiring to be these things is where it all begins. That's how I get there. Taking it day by day, embracing all that I have and to pray and seek him wholeheartedly. I am beyond thankful for this and for this life I have been given. 

Wednesday, December 31


Oh 2014, what a year it has been! It has been exhausting, crazy, chaotic, but so so beautiful and wonderful in every way. I became pregnant with my 2nd little boy, struggled with the exhaustion of pregnancy while caring for a busy toddler. We sadly had loved ones leave this world, but all the while happily brought new lives into it. Including my sweet Harrison Layne. I watched my first little babe grow from a baby to a boy, the most bittersweet feeling. I got to experience all of the wonder and exhaustion of having a newborn again. Foster man took the role of big brother full force with a heart full of love for his "baby brudder". Brett and I grew in our marriage, as we do every year. We actually celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday. I can honestly and thankfully say that our marriage and love has only gotten stronger with each passing year. We have a gigantic bunch of family that loves us and our children wholeheartedl, we have a beautiful home with a warm bed and a stocked kitchen. We are healthy, and our hearts and bellies are always full. My cup truly runneth over! 

Here's some of my favorite memories from this year!

2014 you were good to us!! Here's to a new year and lots and lots of new wonderful times to come!!

Saturday, December 20

Family Photo's

A Vision Revealed Photography did an incredible job on our photos this year and I am soo in love with them! Taylor was so patient to do all the million different shots we wanted, and she is also super fun to be around which is always a plus!

We also did a bunch of photo's with my entire family and I am so in love with this one of the 4 generations. My grandmother, mother, me and the boys :)
And then the WHOLE fam!
2014 you have been good to us!

Thursday, December 4

Holiday Fun!

I love getting to experience the joys of the holidays through my children's eyes, there is really nothing better. I LOVE holidays, especially Christmas time, and I want my kids to grow up with wonderful memories and fun traditions that hopefully they will even share with their kids someday!

We love making and decorating cookies for every holiday but Christmas is definitely our favorite! It's always a huge mess but totally worth it. 

Last night we went to our towns Christmas parade and Foster had an absolute blast. His favorite float was the ones with the football players on it, of course! My Dad had a float in the parade for his business he just started up and they won Best Overall Float, we were so excited! 

Of course he found the basketball lights, my little sports fanatic. 

Another fun tradition we got to start this year was our Elf On The Shelf. Foster wouldn't come up with a name for him so I just decided on the name Dash. I don't think he really understands the concept of it yet but he definetly has fun seeing what he is up to when he wakes up. 

We have lots of fun and festive things planned for this month but one of the most important and special traditions I want to start with my boys is giving back and doing acts of kindness. It's something we really should be doing year round, but I love doing it during the holiday season. I want my children to grow up being thankful for how blessed we are, and also knowing that there are people that don't have all the we do, and that we should give back and spread love to those people! I've started a small list of little acts of kindness to take the boys to do this month, and I'm still looking for more to do! 

1. Go pick out a toy to donate to toys for tots. 
2. Buy food/blankets/toys to take to the animal shelter. I have a feeling Foster will love this one. 
3. Pay for the person in line behind us food at a fast food restaraunt. 
4. Make cookies in a jar to deliver to neighbors and friends. 

Now we have a full weekend ahead with family in town, an early Christmas with them, and then family pictures tomorrow. I absolutely love this time of year! 

Happy Friday!